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In the world of diverse therapy and treatment for mental health, the Himalayan singing bowl is one of the unique and interesting methods for meditation and sound healing. Sound healing practices can solve many health problems of people in modern society today including sleep quality, stress reduction, emotional release,...

The singing bell, also known as the Singing Bowl, is crafted from an alloy of seven metals, symbolizing the seven planets, days of the week, primary colors and musical notes. This healing method is based on the scientific foundation of the operation of the Chakra system, the main energy centers in the body.

Based on the operating principle of waves, the rich, harmonic, and soothing sound of the singing and hammered bowls has an effect on brain-wave frequencies that reach the body. If vibrations penetrate the physical body, help to relax and release blockages, at the same time sound waves bring the brain to a state of rest, capable of soothing emotions and healing the broken soul.
Perhaps the harmonious resonance of Himalayan singing bowls can assist in grounding the mind, creating a peaceful sanctuary and enhancing the rebalancing of your energy flow to a source of positive energy.

Temporarily put aside the chaos of everyday life, we invite you to come into dialogue with sound, find tranquility within, discover the magical benefits in a quiet, gentle and relaxing space at Amanaki Well-being Center.

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