The healing magic of sound
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How can sound bring your body and soul to the balance point?
Modern life offers us a diverse amount of options for our health, in terms of technology, methods, as well as consumer products. However, have you ever thought that our body and mind can completely find back balance just by just a simple action: listening?
It is said that in ancient Tibet, healers used bells to purify water for healing. They fill the bell with water for a certain period of time, then recite their prayer into the water and give it to the patient.
Some say that lamas and spiritual teachers used the echo of the sound of bells to transport their meditation to another dimension.
Miraculous stories about the use of sound, in particular the ringing of bells, for healing as well as meditation have been told since ancient times. To this day, doctors and professional medical practitioners have also examined the healing effects of singing bowls and discovered the many health benefits that it brings.
When we make a sound, they carry a specific "vibration". When making sounds from singing bowls, which are made of the purest metals, the sound vibrations are resonant and create a special frequency. This powerful and deep sound vibration frequency is then transmitted and can affect the human body at many levels, from blood vessels, nerves, muscles, to even the cellular level.
The frequencies of the bell may have impacted and reminded the human body and nerve cells of the harmonious state of nature when bringing these sound waves to them. That may be one reason why the vibrations that singing bowls create can break blockages and loosen tight muscles, bringing the body back to relaxation and can even relieve pain.
At the same time, the ringing of sing bowls impacts disturbing thoughts, allowing the mind to focus on the overtones, hence evoking calm and relaxation. Possibly because of this, singing bowls became a commonly used tool for meditation.
Like magic, singing bowls can reach the neglected corners of the human body and mind, thereby easing the hurt or blockages that we are unconsciously suffering with just their sublime sounds.
When you are tired of the pressures and the chaotic movements of daily life, it might be the best time for you to find a quiet space, put aside all the worries for a moment, and let the body, as well as the mind, listen to what the ringing bowls have to say…
*All information addressing the singing bowl in this article is from the book Singing Bowl - A Nepal instrument for Tuning the Mind, Healing the Body by Master Santa Ratna Shakya.
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