Purpose Statement
We believe that culture and the arts are the essence of human existence.
We believe that sustainability is vital for human survival; for people, for business and for society.
We believe in deep connections that open up new perspectives and learning opportunities.
Our Vision

We strive to be a brand that contributes to creating awareness of sustainable growth in the hotel sector in Vietnam by providing lodging places inspired by traditional Vietnamese values, as well as services that provide clients with leisure and balance.

Our Mission

With our property’s unique sense of history and place, we are dedicated to forming deep connections with our guests by providing highly personalized service and gracious hospitality to balance to the body and mind.

Core Values
Open heart
Compassionate, caring, kindness, understand other’s struggles.
Open mind
Open to new ideas, open to differences, open to learning, open to opportunities.
Open communication
Be clear and precise in communications. Communicate with facts and care, without fear of rank.
Good manners and courtesy in action, speech, behaviour to colleagues and guests.
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