Art, History, Wellness and Sustainability Attended to at Amanaki Thao Dien
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Colorful Biên Hòa pottery pieces that reveal the distinct influence of French and Japanese techniques; a hand-operated shaved ice machine; mid-20th-century barber chair; antique magnifying glass; traditional wooden mooncake makers and carefully preserved butterfly specimens: entering Amanaki Thao Dien’s charming lobby feels like stepping into a carefully arranged embodiment of Saigon’s not-so-distant past.

The boutique hotel in District 2 pays homage to the artwork and daily life items from mid-19th century Saigon. Given the city’s metropolitan aesthetic and global influences at that time, one quickly recognizes European and pan-Asian flair in the decor. Đức, the hotel’s founder, refuses to call himself a curator and instead humbly notes that the lobby is filled with items he simply took a particular liking to when exploring flea markets around the city. The hotel’s opening several years ago finally provided a showcase for them.

The pleasantly eclectic aesthetic from the lobby continues when one heads to their room as well. Carefully placed antiques such as an old abacus and sewing table rest beside original paintings from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, imparting the peaceful feeling of traveling back in time.

Each room pays homage to Southern Vietnam’s simple style as well with dark wood and elegant details defining the style. 70% of the wood in each room is recycled from the Mekong Delta and the expert work of recycling them for walls, doors and furniture means that each room is completely unique but unified in vibe. Đức shares that the wood was mostly acquired from old homes that were being torn down and thus the hotel is a source of second life for the precious material. But unlike simple Delta dwellings, the rooms contain luxurious touches including a fully stocked pantry, lavish bath and stunning view of the downtown skyline.

Preserving and sharing culture and art is clearly a priority for Amanaki, as is wellness. Simply providing a peaceful private space on a quiet street outside of central downtown helps guests pursue mental and physical peace. But those who are interested in more immersive wellness activities have many options as well. A spacious pool and fully equipped workout room make staying in shape easy while a spa addresses matters at the nexus of mind and body.

A dedicated wellness centre provides therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation and infrared technology as well as traditionally evolved massages that address stress points and receptors underneath the skin to help regulate nerves, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. The most unique offering, however, is the sound healing. Tibetan bowls handcrafted in the Himalayas are sounded around one’s body in an attempt to restore its natural energy via vibrations to reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a meditative sense of peace and well-being.

Amanaki’s commitment to history-spanning art and culture is found at NÚC restaurant next door. Guests pass bomb shells repurposed as flower planters and beneath the salvaged wings of a fighter plane before entering the former school building. The floor is constructed with wood upcycled from former worker homes in District 5 while the chairs are all individual pieces collected from different homes and estates around the region. A massive colorful painting from a young ethnic minority painter in Northern Vietnam balances these historical items with a sense of youthful exuberance.

While the entire hotel promotes its sustainability efforts, they are perhaps most central at NÚC. In addition to the recycled floor and furniture, all the dishes are repurposed while the locally sourced, seasonal and responsibly grown ingredients endeavor to have a minimal impact on resource chains. Spanning traditional tastes and methods and global innovations with attention to visual flair, the dishes embody the Saigon ethos of cherishing the past while experimenting into the future.

The prominence of art and culture, wellness and sustainability make Amanaki an appealing destination for a variety of guests. Business travelers who want a calm oasis away from the busy downtown as well as leisure travelers in search of a unique peek into the style of Saigon past will feel it is made for them. Similarly, city residents eager to visit the sixth-floor art residence gallery, enjoy a staycation or simply savor a unique meal should check it out.

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