Saigon After Dark
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Known as "The city that never sleeps", Saigon at night has an equally lively charm compared to its daytime version. If you happen to stumble upon a sleepless night, maybe it's the time for you to see all the vivid colors that this city has to offer, only when the sun has come down.

D Chill RoofTop Bar
Photo: D Chill

Our favorite way to start any evening in Saigon is watching the whole city light up from above, and D Chill is one of the places which has an unobstructed view of the signature Saigon skylight.

Though located on the rooftop of a local hotel, quite overwhelmed by other colorful stores and restaurants, the bar always took people's breath away once they stepped into the open air. Their diverse menu of drinks, from beers, cocktails, mocktails to juice and snacks with uncredible reasonable prices for the location, as well as the cool breeze and trendy music will make your evening become one of the most special moments of the day.

Opening hours: 4pm-1am
Address: 15th Floor, 302-304 Võ Văn Kiệt street, Cô Giang ward, district 1

Bến Thành Tearoom
Photo: Phòng trà Bến Thành
One of the local's favorite activities to do on a weekend night is to listen to acoustic music in a romantic space, and Ben Thanh Tearoom is one of the most popular places in the city center to enjoy this.
Here they have a good reputation of curating the best concepts with lists of famous Vietnamese performers, as well as a cozy space that promises good conversations and a comfortable live music experience.
Every month on their fanpage, they release a detailed schedule of their shows for the whole month which you can take reference and book in advance for your favorite shows.
Opening hours: According to show schedules
Address: 3rd floor, 6 Mạc Đĩnh Chi street, Bến Nghé ward, district 1

Bloom - Cocktail & Whisky Bar
Photo: Bloom

A bar we would like to recommend to you if you like live music, but prefer small, intimate places is Bloom Bar in district 1. Located on Nguyen Thiep street, close to the popular Nguyen Hue walking street, the bar is like a nice cozy nest for you to stop by to have a rest from all the noise and hide away from the world for a moment.

Bloom is popular for their Jazz night and HongKong music night. The small space makes room for closeness between the guests, the staffs and the performers, creating a feeling like enjoying a cozy show in a friend's living room in the middle of the city center.

Opening hours: 5pm-2am
Address: 14 Nguyễn Thiệp street, Bến Nghé ward, district 1

Đen Đá Coffee
Photo: Đen Đá Coffee
A common hobby that the local people love to do at night, especially the young, is to hang out in cafes till late. Due to this demand, in Saigon, there are many coffee shops with opening hours that last till dust.
Speaking of 24/7 cafes, Den Da (Black coffee) is one of the most popular places to be. They are located in various central locations and famous for their menu of bubble milk-tea and handmade toasts, as well as their lovely retro concept that pays tribute to the memories of Saigon in the 90s.
Opening hours: 24/7
Address: 182 Pasteur street, Bến Nghé ward, district 1

Anh Mập 93 Bread
Photo: Bánh mì chảo Anh Mập

Banh mi served with various toppings in a pan (Bánh mì chảo) is one of the most-loved breakfast dishes in Saigon, but did you know you can also enjoy it after dark?

Located at a corner next to Nguyen Hue walking street, the most vivid area of Saigon when the night comes, Bánh mì chảo Mac Thi Buoi still have their own spot light, through standing among countless neon signs, with people flocking in to enjoy banh mi with eggs, pate, cheese and sausages sizzling on a small pan.

Opening hours: 4pm-11pm
Address: 93 Mạc Thị Bưởi street, Bến Nghé ward, district 1


Cháo sườn bà Hào
Photo: Tú Anh Trần

Known as the most popular comfort dishes of Vietnamese, rice porridge is an ideal dish to try when you want to fill your stomach in the middle of the night or early morning with something warm and light, but no less flavorful than daytime food.

Ms Hao pork porridge in Tan Dinh ward has had a special place in the local people's heart for more than 20 years due to its special opening hours: 2pm-10am and delicious combination of silky smooth rice porridge with pork ribs, egg yolk, centuries egg and green onions. Thanks to this place, no Saigonese is afraid of being hungry when midnight hunger hits, because the heat and pleasing flavor of the dish will sure keep your body and your heart warm throughout the night.

Opening hours: 2pm-10am
Address: 109/15 Trần Khắc Chân street, Tân Định ward, district 1

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