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To certain onlookers, paintings can pass as photographs, a fragmented window, in frames, into the artists’ mindscape.
You may get a similar impression upon witnessing our collection on display: a quiet village gate gloriously bathed in meridian sunlight, or a nostalgic-looking metropolitan Vietnamese twist on the famous masterwork depicting a middle-aged couple in a family portrait, or an abstract visualism obviously by a young soul.
At Amanaki, our chosen artworks are both nostalgic and relevant, subtle and overwhelming, intimate and authentic. As snippets to bygone eras or a visual compass towards a long-forgotten feeling, they are literal and metaphorical. They illuminate cosiness with their time reserve, and space with their stories unfolding from within.
As pockets of inspiration and provocation, our collected works might transport us to their tiny cosmos shown inside and beyond the canvases, transforming and elevating us, albeit briefly, to their mental journeys. They restore us to our passion, sometimes just to feel more deeply again.
We wish that our collection can be a source of endless inspiration to you.
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